Welcome to Optima Dispute Resolution, LLC. We offer comprehensive Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services in Family and Civil matters.

Don’t rush into litigation! Let us show you how to navigate the legal system in efficient and innovative ways!!

  • ADR Overview & Styles

    ADR provides an effective and expansive alternative to traditional litigation in Family and Civil Matters.  Four primary types of ADR are:  Facilitative, Adjudicative, Evaluative, and Hybrid.

    ADR Overview & Styles
  • Family ADR

    ADR is exceptionally positioned for reaching tailored, non-litigated resolution in family matters utilizing an array of ADR methods, including:   Mediation, Med/Arb, SENE/FENE, Parenting Consultant, and many others.

    Family ADR
  • Civil ADR

    ADR is effective in resolving a wide array of civil matters. Topics include: Business, Employment, Congregational, Contracts, Personal Injury, Property, Workplace, and many others.

    Civil ADR
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